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60% Off - Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner Discount Coupon

60% Off - Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner Discount Coupon
60% Off

60% Off - Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner / LifeTime License / 1 Mac


60% Off

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Platforms:  Mac OS X 10.9 or later  
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60% Off - Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner Coupon Code - is capable of deleting various types of junk files to get more space for Mac. Junk files like large & old files, system junk, memory, caches, uninstall unwanted applications, virus, adware, malware, similar photos, duplicated Finder, junk files from iTunes or iPhoto can easily be removed from Mac.

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Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner $49.95   $19.98   60% OFF 1 Mac / LifeTime Update Buy  Now
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Rank #14 Fix-it Utilities

Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner - Mac space cleaning software to remove junk files, memory, virus, adware, malware, duplicated photos, and uninstall applications to free up storage and speed up Mac performance.

Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner:

Clean up and free up space on your Mac:

System Junk: Scan worthless cache data/logs quickly; Delete all the system cache, memory, etc. to get more Mac space.

iPhoto Junk: Reduce photo library size by cleaning the useless photo caches to manage iPhoto easily on Mac.

Email Junk: Remove the local copies of your email downloaded and attachments to free up more Mac storage.

Similar Photos: Find and remove duplicate photos and clean them with ease to keep what you want to keep on Mac.

Trash Bin: Empty the Trash Bin to get more space for Mac, and do the permanent clean-up without recovery.

Large & Old Files: Scan large/old documents, preview and selectively delete worthless files to save lots of disk space.

Duplicated Finder: Scan the duplicated files in the Finder and clear up the duplicated items from Finder conveniently.

iTunes Junk: Clean up outdated iOS backup, installation packages and remove the corrupted iTunes downloads.

Uninstall Applications: Uninstall unwanted applications, adware, malware, virus and delete their associated files to rocket Mac.

Optimize Performace: Scan and accelerate the performance of Spotlight, Login, Services, QuickLook, Preferences, Battery, etc.

Clear Privacy: Clean up private cookies, searches, downloads, and visit history to expedite the processing on Mac directly.

Make Mac Performance Safe and Healthy.

Supported Mac Computers: iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.

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