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40% Off - Hetman Excel Recovery Discount Coupon

40% Off - Hetman Excel Recovery Discount Coupon
40% Off

40% Off - Hetman Excel Recovery / Home Edition


40% Off

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Platforms:  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10  
File System:  FAT/exFAT, NTFS/ReFS, APFS/HFS+, Ext2/3/4/ReiserFS, XFS/UFS  
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40% Off - Hetman Excel Recovery Coupon Code - Heavy-duty data recovery tool undeletes Excel XLS/XLSX and OpenOffice ODS spreadsheets. Supporting formatted, repartitioned, damaged and corrupted storage devices, Hetman Excel Recovery offers fast, surefooted recovery in the hands of an ordinary user.

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Rank #08 Data Recovery Software

Hetman Excel Recovery - recovers XLS, XLSX and ODS spreadsheets created by Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice from formatted, repartitioned, corrupted and inaccessible storage devices. Designed for heavy duty work and featuring highly sophisticated low-level data recovery algorithms, Hetman Excel Recovery can help even if the situation seems hopeless.

Hetman Excel Recovery

Recover deleted Excel spreadsheets from all types of storage media:

Hetman Excel Recovery recovers lost and deleted spreadsheets in XLS, XLSX, CSV, ODS, XLT, XLTX formats saved by Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice. The tool is designed for heavy duty, helping ordinary computer users to successfully restore spreadsheets from formatted, repartitioned, corrupted and inaccessible storage devices. Its low-level data recovery algorithms are the same as used in the company’s flagship tool, enabling surefooted recovery in cases that seem nearly hopeless. A special safety mode is available to handle unreliable and physically unstable hard drives.

Hetman Excel Recovery offers a 100% success guarantee, delivering guaranteed recovery for spreadsheets appearing in the list of recoverable files. The tool performs a preliminary integrity check on all documents discovered on the disk before adding them to the list. This removes visual clutter and ensures that every file listed is actually 100% recoverable. Recovering information from formatted and repartitioned hard drives has its share of challenges. No file system is usually available, so a simple undelete operation is no longer possible. To facilitate the recovery from formatted volumes and repartitioned hard disks, Hetman Excel Recovery implements signature search analysis. During this analysis, the tool reads the entire content of the disk, matching information it reads in an attempt to detect the beginning of a recognized spreadsheet. Once a spreadsheet is detected, Hetman Excel Recovery calculates its length and validates the file’s integrity. If, and only if, the spreadsheet passes the integrity check, the tool adds it to the list of recoverable files.

Excel Recovery™ recovers spreadsheets saved by Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013, as well as all versions of OpenOffice Calc. Excel Recovery™ natively supports all versions and revisions of FAT/exFAT, NTFS/ReFS, APFS/HFS+, Ext2/3/4/ReiserFS, XFS/UFS file systems. On NTFS volumes, compressed and encrypted files as well as NTFS Alternate Data Streams are recovered. It can recover spreadsheets from RAID arrays, assuming that the RAID is assembled and fully functional. In addition, product supports the recovery from raw disk space, unpartitioned and unformatted hard drives or devices with badly damaged, erased or emptied file systems. The tool can be used in Windows XP / 2003 and 2008 Server / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Supported Languages: English, Nederlands, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, العربية, 中国, 日本語, Polskie, Русский, Українська.

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